Friday, March 9, 2012

Traceability in a Professional Way- Traceability Matrix and its Uses

Traceability in a professional way-Traceability Matrix and its uses

Traceability matrix is used to track requirements to any measurable objects in the software development process. Normally, we use traceability matrix to link requirements to use cases to process flow and requirements to process flow and requirements to business objectives. Requirements can be linked to design, specs or test cases. This mapping technique is useful to make sure that there is a complete coverage of requirement until the testing. However the most useful one that few know of is the linking requirements to the test cases and process flow. When the process flow is complete than we can have a comparison between the requirements and process flow and then we can easily identify the missing requirements. Another profound way of linking the requirements to validate is the reverse linking where we map the requirements with the business objectives or project plan. This way we can measure the value of requirements against the business objective and identify the relevant requirements. For the requirements which hold no value against the business objectives can be eliminated. In other hand, if we are unable to find all the requirements for the business objective than that means we have identified the missing requirement. In this case, the requirements should be added to your requirement document.

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