Friday, March 9, 2012

What are the differences between BRTM and RTM?

Traceability in a professional way-What are the differences between BRTM and RTM?

Traceability Matrix is created in different phases of software development cycle.  BRTM is created during the initialization or planning phase of project life cycle. BRTM, Business Requirement Traceability Matrix, as its name suggest, it is the first traceability document created by Business Analyst to compare the Requirements against the Solutions/HLD or it can be reverse comparison document to compare requirements against the business objectives.  BRTM is considered high level traceability document because this documents provide higher level comparison as opposed to RTM. RTM, Requirement Traceability Matrix are normally created by System Analyst using the BRTM which was already created by Business Analyst. In most cases, BRTM or RTM are not considered the required project documents, however, any Business Analyst or System analyst can improve the quality by implementing it as the reference document to the project deliverable that they are obliged to create.

BRTM simply compares requirements against business objectives or High Level design. However, RTM is used to compare requirement against detail system level requirements, Design elements and Test Cases. RTM is detailed version of BRTM in simple terms.